Dancers will not be allowed into classes if they arrive more than 15 minutes late. Dancers chosen for competitions and events must attend all extra rehearsals and decision is based on consistency , attendance and efforts made in class. Classes are paid before each lesson on the day or termly at the beginning of each term. Adult street classes need to be booked in advance as places are limited.
Private tuition must be booked up to two weeks in advance and a deposit of 50% should be made before the first session. Late cancellations will incur a fee to cover costs of any venue hiring. There must be at least a 7 day notice of any cancellations.


Love2Dance may not necessarily have the same holidays as schools. If lessons or rehearsals are to take place during half terms, parents will be notified.


Parents are given a designated area in which they can wait for their child as parents are not allowed into sessions. Under 5 Classes allow parents in at the last 5 minutes of every lesson to see how their child is progressing. Parents of children in older classes will be invited to watch on occasion and must speak with the dance teacher at the end of each lesson or before the first lesson begins. Newsletters are given out monthly with information on any shows, events or news from class. You will also find a copy of this on our site.


All dancers wishing to take part in shows and competitions must purchase a Love2Dance top. Parents will need to fill out an order form and the dancer's top will arrive between one and two weeks from date of order. The tops can then be collected at their next lesson. All other merchandise is optional to the dancer and parents although we have a wide variety. Please find the price list of all merchandise on our merchandise page and order at the next lesson.


All schools are responsible for informing dancers parents about clubs or workshops either by word of mouth or email. It is up to the school whether students take part in any outside events and competitions and then Love2Dance will provide information and newsletters.
Schools are contracted for a full school year and dance teachers are reviewed at the end of each term by school headteacher and director Danielle. Workshops need to be booked one term in advance and late cancellations may incur a small charge if equipment has been purchased. A teacher from the school should attend workshops run by Love2Dance at all times. Schools must ensure that the space used for Love2dance teachers to work in and teach dance is hazard free and meets safety guidelines.

A register of children attending clubs or workshops should be given to the dance teacher or a teacher from the school must be present at the beginning of class to register children. Schools should ensure that a qualified first aider is available at all times during dance sessions.


  • Dancers must wear suitable and comfortable clothing for example: tracksuit or loose bottoms and trainers.
  • Dancers should also bring a drink so they do not get dehydrated and can cool down during the break. Drinks are also available for 20p from L2D.
  • Parents are advised to come back at the end of the lesson as to not put dancers off.
  • Payments for the class should be given at the beginning of each lesson.
  • It is important that Dancers arrive in time to do the warm up session and will not be allowed to join in a lesson if more than 15 minutes late.
  • Bullying is not tolerated and anyone found bullying or disrupting a lesson will be asked to leave.
  • Time out cards are issued if a dancer is misbehaving and disrupting a lesson and parents will be notified.


If you wish to use Love2Dance for any events or shows please contact us. Love2Dance do not charge to perform at Charity events and school fairs.


Parties are priced depending on the requirements and requests made, music can be provided by Love2Dance and also a makeup artist.
Cancellations for party bookings must be made at least 10 days before booking or you will be charged 20% of the fee for late cancellations.

There must be supervising adults at all parties at all times and Love2Dance staff do not tolerate abusive or threatening behaviour.